MOUNTAINJAM2_082314This will be a really fun show, we’re playing outdoors at a local community festival in Los Gatos. There will be volleyball, frisbee, face painting, henna tattoos and snow cones. Between bands will also feature individual performances by mountain musicians and vocalists. There’ll be burgers and drinks, event shirts and a silent auction. Half the proceeds benefit the Music, Visual and Performing Arts Program (MVP) at our mountain schools. The other half helps feed the homeless in Santa Cruz county. Last year we raised $1000, the $500 for the food program provided 1000 meals!


UBG_082914_800OK, not so secret any more! Come on out to Universal Bar and Grill, just up the road from Universal Studios. We go on around 11, so it’s easy to get home from work on a friday night and switch into your party gear and head out to North Hollywood. We’re playing a longer set at this show, so you’ll be sure to hear our new material. See you there!

FALL 2014 SHOW: The Whisky a Go-Go

WHISKY090614_V3And we’re back… At the Whisky. Come on out and see us Saturday Night, we’re going on right before the headliner. It’s always a good time out in Hollywood, so mark the calendar, and make it out to the show. This will be our last show until Winter, so don’t miss it – Tickets are available at the door.

“HOPEFUL” Lyric Video

Now you can enjoy our music even more with this Lyric Video of “Hopeful.” Created by Starch Monkey, just for you. We first ran the music track through our design program After Effects, then downloaded a bunch of cool stock footage and then edited everything together in Final Cut Pro – We had a blast making it – Hope you enjoy it!

Our Store is now Open!



New Limited Edition T-Shirt Designs.

Behind every great musical act is a great artist who creates visual images to reflect the heart and soul of the music. We are very fortunate to have Eric Robison from Imagiboom Entertainment as a major contributor to the visual aspect of our work.  Edge and attitude, that’s what Eric brings to “Monkey Art”. From his creative headquarters in Hawaii, Eric has created some of the art used for our show posters.  And now, a few of Eric’s pieces are being released as part of our “Starch Monkey Custom T-Shirt Series.”

Featured below is a piece titled “In Yer Face.” We will be adding new designs on a regular basis and hope you will be adding these shirts to your regular wardrobe.  Go to the “MERCH” tab and see what we’ve got!

Thanks for your support and “Rock on.”





SM_LOGO_2014Hey everyone!  We are one week removed from our third appearance at the world famous Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip and what a show it was.  This was our first show since October and a lot has changed with us since then. Rashawn Bump joined Starch Monkey just about one month prior to the show at the Whisky, so he had to ramp up very quickly and he really delivered.


We love playing the Whisky…it was our very first gig as a band last year and we have had a blast all three times.  Just being in that space that has so much history is a humbling and exciting experience.  This latest show was interesting for us too because we wanted to debut three new tracks that we have yet to record and that demonstrate the evolution of our sound.  These three new tracks (“In My Hands”, “Take Me Home” and “Grand Central Breakdown”) have a heavier mix of keyboards which allows Jim to show everyone just how talented he is on keys.  These tracks are also a bit of a departure from some of our more straight-forward rock tracks (like Days Gone By and Contentious) and allow us to show some more nuances while still rockin out.  It was really great to get feedback on these new songs from all of you who came to the show.  The show itself felt really good for all of us up on stage.  Live shows are always a bit of a combination of excitement and raw terror for me because no matter how much we prepare at our rehearsal studio, the unexpected can always happen….but that’s what makes it fun!  It was a GREAT crowd and my hat goes off to all of you who continue to support us and continue to come to our shows.


Your support means a lot to us and I am so appreciative that you enjoy our music, and the venues are too! Just a few days after the show, the Whisky contacted us and asked us back, again.  So we are going to do it all again on Friday, March 21 and hope that you all can kick off your weekend with us.  You can get pre-sale tickets right here on this site and we can’t wait to see you there.  All of us hope to do more posts like this in the future too so you can get a little more insight into what goes on behind the scenes.  Thanks for listening, thanks for reading and can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Rock on.



rashawn_singleAnnouncing the addition of Rashawn Bump as the new lead guitar player for Starch Monkey. Rashawn is a So. Cal. native and fellow alum of the Musician’s Institute. “I placed a musician wanted ad at MI and when Rashawn answered, I had a good feeling,” remembers Wetmore.  “At the audition, we literally just counted into ‘Days Gone By’ and he NAILED it.”

Rashawn joins Starch Monkey as they prepare to go back out on the Club Circuit and back in the studio to record their next EP. “Rashawn really breathes new excitement to the dynamic of Starch Monkey” adds Rellas, “his guitar skills open up new lanes for me as a Songwriter as I begin to add keyboards into the new tracks. So great”

Come out and meet Rashawn and hear some new Starch Monkey music at their first show of 2014 at the World Famous Whisky a Go-Go, Saturday night, February 1st.

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