We get it.  There are challenges to seeing live music.  Your favorite band is playing on the other side of town, you have to work late that night, the show is sold out, etc.  Hell, we know a lot of our fans don’t even live in the immediate LA area and have been physically unable to come to one of our shows.  This is why we want to bring the experience of our live show to all of you, no matter your location.  Introducing “Starch Monkey: Bootleg Series.” These tracks are not polished.  There are no studio overdubs, no fancy recording equipment was used, no producer…nothing.  Just a basic digital recorder in a club capturing all of our energy, all of our imperfections and all of that rock and roll magic.  We hope you like the raw nature of these tracks and can join us…in person…for a show in the near future.  Until then, enjoy the Starch Monkey Bootleg Series.

BOOTLEG SERIES: “AMPLIFIED” Live at Molly Malone’s



It’s been just over a year since our first performance at the World Famous Whisky a Go Go, and we’ve now made it to the top of the marquee as the HEADLINER! A special thanks to everyone that has made this a reality, most notably our wives and girl friends that put up with our crazy schedule. And thank you to the amazing team at the Whisky, from the bookers to the bartenders, the security guys and of course the Sound Engineers. We debuted some new material and are excited to put it out to all of our fans on our upcoming EP release. So, stay tuned for that!

“HOPEFUL” Lyric Video

Now you can enjoy our music even more with this Lyric Video of “Hopeful.” Created by Starch Monkey, just for you. We first ran the music track through our design program After Effects, then downloaded a bunch of cool stock footage and then edited everything together in Final Cut Pro – We had a blast making it – Hope you enjoy it!


Whisky Logo_Black (1)2014 is shaping up to be a great year already. The Whisky asked us back for our third time! So mark your calendars for Saturday night, February 1. We’re scheduled to go on after 9, but be sure to get there early! We’re opening for Hollywood Roses, the Guns and Roses Tribute band – this is sure to be a great night. So get your tickets now because this time they will spell our name right on the marquee!


svt_stones_with_SVTs_cropduoHey guys it’s Brad – I want to take a moment and point out one of the highlights of my 2013, I finally got an SVT. I’ve been dreaming about this amp for a long time. I want to share with you some of the history of this epic rig:


1969 was a year giants rocked the earth, and they wanted big amps. By that point in history, rock music was the baddest man in the whole damn town. Stadiums and outdoor festivals was where the action was—Madison Square Garden for chrissakes. Fifty watts just wasn’t enough to move that chick in the 61st row in her hand-embroidered bellbottoms. It wasn’t as if nobody was filling the void—witness the stacks of Marshalls, mountains of Hiwatts, and truckloads of Dual Showmans doing more to promote tinnitus in a single generation since WWII.

To get the entire story, visit:

Thanks Ampeg.


Whisky2_Chris2What a great show. It was so awesome to rock the Whisky again and see so many of you come out and support! We loved seeing the t-shirts and a stuffed monkey even made it to the edge of the stage! We really appreciate all of our AWESOME fans who continue to show us love at our shows. We couldn’t do it without you!

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